How can you help?

It is important to stress that the scheme receives no money from central funds. All of our running costs need to be covered by local fund raising and sponsorship.

We need to raise funds to pay for the day to day running costs of the scheme. These include fuel and insurance for the vehicle, mobile phone costs and any other expenses

We also need to buy medical equipment for the car and personal protection equipment for the responders.

How can you help us??

A lot goes into keeps our group working. There are several ways in which you could help:

Of course the most obvious way to help would be to volunteer to become a responder and help us to achieve our aim of providing 24/7 cover for the residents and workers of Eccleshall and surrounding hamlets. Responders need to live in or close to Eccleshall. All recruitment for the CFR scheme is managed by West Midlands Ambulance Service via the NHS Jobs website. For more information on what is required, please visit the CFR page on the West Midlands Ambulance Service website.

If “front line” is not your forte, you could join our administration team which supports the scheme and it’s activities in the background. As you can imagine as a registered charity there is a lot of work involved, but we also would welcome offers of help for other areas such as marketing, media, etc.

Perhaps you could help us keep running by organising a fundraising event on our behalf? This could be as simple as selecting us as a recipient for donations for a sponsored run or walk, or maybe a more lavish affair. All funds are very gratefully received. Even volunteering to come along and help with one of our existing fundraisers would be fantastic! Find out more on our “Become a Supporter” page

Maybe you could offer to help sponsor the scheme by way of a direct donation or sponsorship of the vehicle and equipment, or even just have one of our collecting tins in your premises to collect funds.

We are always open to suggestions of how best we could raise the money to keep the scheme running with up to date equipment.

In all cases if you would like to get involved or offer help, please get in touch!

Become a Supporter

Join the support group and volunteer. Extra help will make a real difference since with your involvement we can raise more funds to continue providing a fantastic community service.

We need your help in a variety of ways, from arranging events, promoting our good work, manning our stands to the collecting our tins.

Fundraising Events and shows. We welcome help from volunteers at events throughout the year. Your involvement could be from helping for just a few hours, to a commitment to organise a whole fundraising event.

Talk about us. We want to get our message out so we need you to talk about our work, hand out information and encourage others to join our network.

Get creative. We need your creative ideas to keep the energy going – anything goes so please come and talk to us.

Leaflet and poster distribution. Help get our leaflets and posters into the community to advertise our events and recruit new members, telling everyone about our work and how as a community we all benefit.

To join the supporters group please get in touch providing your name, address, telephone number and email contact details via the contact us page


If you are a UK tax payer and would like to make a donation, you can now increase the value of your donation by signing a Gift Aid Form. This allows us to claim back any tax you have paid. All you need to do is sign and return the simple form along with your donation and we can do the rest. Nobody from Eccleshall Community First Resoponder or HM Revenue & Customs will need to contact you.

Any donations and Gift Aid forms should be sent to :

Eccleshall Community First Responders
C/O 4 Bishops Court
ST21 6DX

Alternatively you can donate via our JustGiving page by using the button at the bottom of every page on our website, or by visiting our JustGiving by clicking on the button:


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